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Sonya Chaisson

No one wants to think about dying, its easier to think we are invincible. But perhaps what would should think about is the impact our death would have on the living. Friends, family, our children ....At the age of 41, my life completely changed forever, I became a widow as the result of a horrible car accident. I was a stay-at-home mom to three beautiful daughters and could not believe this was happening to us. it was what happened to people in the movies. Not regular, honest young families.

Well the reality is it happens all the time. In all the turmoil, I was thankful for the financially responsible decisions my husband and I had made. We had life insurance with the Knights of Columbus. We were a one income family with three children, but we found the money because we believed at the time it was important. I can't say enough praise about the Knights of Columbus, in particular our agent Stephen Dugal. He was a tremendous help to me after Glen's death. He helped with the funeral, he was a friendly face and most of all he processed the claim and was able to quickly tell me everything was going to be OK. Steve is a kind, caring professional not a pushy sales guy that none of us wants to deal with.

The Knights of Columbus are a top rated organization that believe in their products and more importantly provide service that I don't think you can get elsewhere. I know Glen would be very happy to know that Steve checks in to see how the girls and I are doing, and is a phone call away if I need help. Steve goes above and beyond to take care of his clients and their families. If it means giving up a magazine subscription, a few lattes or new clothes, don't use the excuse of no extra money to not buy insurance. It matters....maybe not to you when you have passed, but definitely to the living and how they will be able to handle it. Money doesn't buy happiness, but being safe, and stable has allowed my family to grieve without the extra stress of being financially crippled. Dont hesitate, there are no guarantees on when our time on this earth is up. Sit down and talk to Steve, and I promise you will feel great about your decision to work with the Knights of Columbus to protect your family.


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